Myrtos Myrtos beach is a stamp for the island. Nowadays, the name of Kefalonia is closely related to Myrtos beach. They is nobody who has chosen the island for holidays and has not seen or swum in that marvellous beach.


Xi Xi beach is one of the most known beaches in the island, it is very close to Lixouri, the second biggest town of the island. It is an extensive beach that impresses visitors with the red colour of the sand and the swallow, safe waters.


Petanoi You will find this wonderful beach with its small white pebbles and its crystal turquoise waters, on the western part of the Paliki peninsula (western Kefalonia). On your way to the beach, you will be amazed by the spectacular view. This beach has been awarded a Blue Flag and it is organized.

Platia Ammos

Platia Ammos Just after the Kipouria monastery, in the Paliki peninsula (western Kefalonia), one of the most impressive beaches of Kefalonia stretches at your feet. And the view is breathtaking! Although it is no longer completely unknown to tourists, the 400 plus steps one has to go down to get there, make for quite an adventure. This beach is quite untouched, so get your supplies before you venture out there

Skala Beach

Skala Beach Skala beach is located near the homonym agglomeration and attracts annually many tourists, since the area is one of the best organized tourist resorts of the island. Its extensive beach and its calm, blue waters are two of the beach’s most important characteristics.


Antisamos Antisamos is located near Sami’s port, where the road from the port to the beach magnetizes the visitor, since it passes through one of the greenest places in the island with huge pine and other trees. The beach is considered one of the most beautiful in the island, it s covered with pebbles, but in some parts of it there is also tiny, white sand.